Create content from livestreams automatically with AI. 

Import and create clips automatically from livestreams, create content, and export to TikTok and YouTube.


Content tools made today don't work for today's streamers. 

That's why we built a simple web-based editor. An AI to "watch" your streams, automatically clipping hype moments. We also give your moderators tools to make clips, and automatically import everything into one place for easy publishing. Templates for exporting content that looks great on TikTok included. 

No downloads (or video editing skills) required. 


See all the moments that matter in one place. 

Pillar's AI automatically creates and imports clips into the Editor, saving you time and brainpower. Twitch Clips are automatically picked up. You and your team can mark clips for creation by using our !clip command. No setup required. 


Web based video editor saves you time. 

Quickly accept or reject clips to teach the AI. Trim and adjust each clip to get the perfect shot. Easy preview to get ready for posting. 


Post clips to every platform. 

Easily reformat clips for TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and Stories using our templates. Email the clips to yourself to make downloading and sharing a breeze. Post montage videos straight to YouTube (beta). 

Log in with Twitch to start creating content in a new way. 

By linking your Twitch account to Pillar, our AI will begin importing + creating content from your streams automatically. 

Join our friendly and helpful Discord! 

Join our Discord for help, banter, and general nonsense! 


For innovative streamers looking to grow their audience. 

“I've been trying Pillar out while it's in beta, and the direction is super cool. I can easily make clips and export them to TikTok. ”

"I don't have time to edit videos with work and school, Pillar makes editing videos fast and easy!"



In case we missed anything

What is Pillar?

Pillar is a simple video editor that works in your browser that uses an AI to automatically create assets from your livestreams, and lets you export to different social media formats. 

How can I use Pillar to create clips and videos?

Getting started with Pillar is easy. 

First, log in to Pillar via Twitch. Our AI will automatically start watching your new broadcasts, and start importing and analyzing your most recent streams. 

Second, log in to Pillar when you want to post clips to social media. Quickly review clips to find moments you think your fans will like, and adjust and trim the clip, and then you can format the clip to look good on mobile-first platforms. 

Once you are done reformatting clips, simply click "Export" in the top right and a download link will be emailed to you. 

How does the AI work?

Pillar has two AI models working to create content from your livestreams: 

1. Social Media Model (beta). Using various data, this model scans each of your streams for clips that could potentially go viral on social media. 

2. YouTube Montage Model (alpha). This model finds highlight moments in streams so you can publish montage videos to YouTube. It is disabled by default, but let us know if you want to test out the model. 

What does it cost?

We are in beta mode right now, so it is completely free! Eventually we will begin introducing paid options, but everything you use now will remain free forever. 

What permissions do you require from Twitch?

When connecting your Twitch account to Pillar, we ask for 2 permissions: 

1. The permission to view your user data (things like your username, stream description, etc). This allows us to build your profile, and the AI to 'watch' your streams. 

2. The permission to view your current moderators. This lets us give your moderators (and only your moderators) access to view your streams/clips inside of the Pillar Editor, and create content on your behalf.  

I'm a moderator. How do I use Pillar to create content for my streamer?

Thanks for showing initiative, wanting to help your team create content! 

To use Pillar to create content, first have your streamer sign up to Pillar. Once they sign up, you will automatically be granted access to view their VODs and clips, and are able to start adjusting and exporting clips right away. 

Reach out in Discord if you have any questions! 

I have a question/feedback, how can I get in contact?

Great question! 

Chat with us on Discord -- we are friendly, and would love to help out.